We give the best contact experience
to your customers.



Our telemarketing service enables instant, live and bidirectional contact between providers and consumers. We have capacity and experience to conduct campaigns throughout the world (nearshore) and other countries (offshore).

Our main objectives are:

  • Reduce sales expenses by substituting personal visits with phone calls.
  • Increase sales profits by reducing costs and increasing sales volume in order to cover a larger market.
  • Generate new businesses in those territories that are not covered by sales staff, brands positioning or analysis thereof.

Customer Service

  • Our tools are certified by ITIL for Help Desk assistance
  • Product/Service total knowledge: First Call Resolution
  • Staff allocation in accordance with the demand: More availability and less abandoned calls volume.
  • Monitoring of assertive processes execution and call-time reduction

E-mail Marketing

We have a specialized tools for mass e-mailing, delivering million of e-mail addresses simultaneously.

We are able to inform in more detail than other advertising media as any information on campaigns and other activities being performed to:

  • Your own database or more than 25 million e-mails.
  • Filters per delivery: city, state, gender and age

Types of Electronic Communications:

  • Bulletins
  • Market Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Special and Segmented Invitations
  • Invitations to Events
  • Pieces with Interactivity and Videos
  • Updating and Database Campaigns

Automatic Calls

We have a tool of pre-recorded automatic calls capable of creating mass deliveries. We have generated a strategy to reach a large amount of the population by delivering pre-recorded messages through phone calls, providing on-time information on campaigns.

  • More than 30 M of Registries (count per state)
  • Automatic Delivery of Registers
  • Pre-determined Filters (states and area code)
  • Pre-recorded Messages
  • Automatic Surveys
  • Up to 2 Million Calls Daily
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Reports (answered, interrupted and completed calls)

DB Updating, Capture & Cleaning

Our experience in database management and security allows us to assist our customers in their database cleaning, avoiding any duplicity, incomplete data, and enriching it with the required information.

We have ISO 27001 and ITIL certification, which allows us to guarantee the confidentiality of customer´s information and the efficiency and effectiveness of management thereof.

Technical Support

Our experience in Customer Service allows us to offer specialized technology services providing assistance on any specific hardware and software problems of any product.

The success of our service lies in our capacity to meet all customer-response times and the time and manner in which it is appropriate to escalate an event and to what level. We have the capacity to serve different levels of service scale and coverage, aligning our help desk and processes with ITIL.

Virual Assistance (Virtual Store)

What is it?

The virtual store is a web system that allows closing the cycle in Internet 360 ° User - Need - Vendor - Sale. Just at the time customers access to the virtual store, they will have communication with a vendor through a chat session that will assist them in any sale process.


  • It facilitates contact with users.
  • Customer convenience to acquire a service or product right from their house or office.
  • Thanks to its Live -Push Technology, create a “virtual-store” environment offering all the possibilities to communicate with any potential customer and to expose all the aspects of a product (features, galleries, design) as if it were an on-live presentation.
  • The virtual store has mirror technology which allows vendors to watch the product just as their potential customers are watching it on their PC.
  • It allows database register when potential customers are “on hold” or cannot be assisted in that specific time, showing a register that enables saving the users most important data for monitoring purposes.
  • The platform makes it possible to save any conversations as well as a register of the customers that were or were not assisted by the vendor.
  • It contains a Video system – it can show a video commercial at the very time when we are making the team's explanation.
  • Live-Push: It allows us to completely change the page or product in real/live time.
  • It is designed to replicate what is being shown on a PC to Mobile or Smart Phones, so we can assist or sale to customers while they are traveling from their own mobile with the same capacity of communication and presentation of the product.
  • It is equipped to run publicity in Flash, Rich Media, Video, or any image extension, and vendors can activate any publicity whenever they wish to, for example, when customers are more ready to respond.


Each Virtual Store will be able to measure the number of visitors per day, region and behavior (Traffic – Browsing), active users, conversations (ticket systems), in-queue or on-hold users and, of course, any active publicity.


Our national-level delivery and collection service complements our solutions offering an integral service together with our own or our customers´ telephone assistance center. We offer:

  • Customized service
  • Assurance of delivery and/or collection to/from the appropriate person, at the agreed time and place.
  • Data validation (signatures, documents, addresses, etc.)
  • Control desk for a timely monitoring of the process and delivering the required information and reports to our customers.