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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Its purpose is to offer an automated mass service to users and consumers, an interactive response automated system, focus at data delivering and capturing through phone allowing the access to data services or other operations through a series of programmed menus to cover our customer's needs.


As a mean of assistance, Chat service is also available; it is used to offer information about products and services, answer to any doubts and/or give tech support.

This service may be in two modalities, reactive (someone requests a session) or proactive (the agent offers a chat session to those users navigating in products/services sites).

Telephone Messaging Broadcasting to Customer's Home (Blaster)

The purpose of this strategy is to reach most of the target market by delivering pre-recorded messages through user´s telephone lines. Customers may provide their data base or they may use ours. We have more than 18M registers (count per state) and can filter them per state and area code. Through this service, any campaign information may be delivered or automatic surveys may be carried out. We have capacity to make up to two million calls daily, and we deliver quantitative and qualitative reports (answered, interrupted, and completed calls).

Electronic Mass Broadcasting 

We have a specialized tool for mass e-mail delivery; this information will be sent to million e-mail addresses simultaneously.
We will be able to communicate any information on campaigns and the various activities being performed through the year in greater detail than any other advertising media.

Our e-mail base:

  • More than 30 million e-mail addresses
  • Filters per city, state, age and gender
  • Types of Electronic Communications:
    • Bulletins
    • Market Surveys
    • Customers Satisfaction Surveys
    • Invitations to Events
    • Special and Segmented Invitations
    • Pieces with Interactivity and Videos
    • Updating Campaigns and Database Creation
    • Virtual Tour


SMS SMS is a B-Connect on-line service that allows text messaging communication on mobile phones (SMS) regardless of customer´s model, mobile company or geographical location.

We offer short and long numbers as well as Premium services (which allow you to charge the message sender in order to perform auto-financeable campaigns) 

How it works

Through a web page, you only load your message, the list of addressees, the date and time of your message, and that´s it! 

If you prefer to send automatic messages, you only have to connect your system to B-Connect-SMS using the components JAVA, .NET, PHP or web services. 

SMS Benefits

95% of the people of the productive age charge a mobile phone 90% of the time. 80% of them check for messages immediately after having received them. 98% of the responses are received in less than 5 minutes from the initial sending.

All mobile phones are compatible with SMS and do not require special plans.

Click To Call

Click-to-call, also known as Click-To-Talk, is a Web-based form of communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) to request an immediate connection with a phone agent; upon receipt of such request, the system makes a call to the telephone specified by the user. This service may be placed on websites, but may also be initiated by hyperlinks placed in emails, blogs, wikis, flash animations, video, and other Internet-based objects.

Social Network

Monitoring and/or Management of the comments posted by consumers on their brand in the main social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the most important one, Web forums.


We have a set of tools that allows us to track social networks (business and individual), blogs and Web forums.

It consists of the monitoring of digital standing and presence, leaders detection and main influencers on conversations, as well as management and analysis of this information to capitalize the digital communication efforts of companies, brands and people.


Presence and Feeling of Conversations (negative, positive, neutral):

  • Mentions Monitoring
  • Better semantic interpretation of comments and their feeling
  • Measurement in the Web non-structured segment such as websites, blogs, etc., and identification of main sources.
  • Mapping of the relationship between consumers and the comments on social networks


  • Real-time module to track the activity of any leader or information source. It allows to create a historical data base on the activity of a source and to obtain graphs of its growing and automatic alerts. High capacity to manipulate the lists of results. 


  • Customized Reports (per brand, per country)
  • Semantic interpretation of comments thanks to Natural Language Processor usage
  • Combination of target, searching and crowling processes that enables to obtain hardly-accessible information on data references
  • To minimize the time spent in finding, interpreting, qualifying and classifying information
  • Opportunity to improve products and services pursuant to consumer´s feedback
  • Automatic detection of crisis events